“Social Media Tools for Work & Self Promotion.”

We are now living in a technology era, which require use to follow the tend of computerized everything, though personally I though I’m living in the stone age. But now we can’t separate ourselves with technology, its everywhere. Cell phone is a very good example, which we can’t live without it, we’d already get use to it as a part of our body. If a business person want to be up-to-date with his marketing plan, social media is definitely the right tool for it. In here, I’ll introduced some of the most common one in business. Facebook, Nimble, Mention, Pinterest and IFTTT.

Facebook is more likely an informal way to market your product or it seems not a suitable platform to do business, but with that amount of users and time that people spent on it, its absolutely one of the best place. Marketing platform is one of the functions that facebook provides its customer. By Agorapulse, it provides a platform which contains a broad range of functionality, including page management, 14 applications and the facility for building up a profile of your fans to help turn these fans into leads and ultimately sales.

Suite of applications has provides an interaction between business and fan profile.

Virtual sharing is another function that treasure the most to let more people see your product.

Nimble is a social CRM (customer relationship management system), which is tightly integrated with social media Channels and a nice tool for you to manage and grow the social relationship.

Mention is a tool that is set up by a group of apps professional, which can let you setting keywords filter to keep track the popularity of your product being searched in search engine.

Pinterest has an internal tool called Pingraphy, gives you easy access to upload pictures and manage them with tracking statistics for you to make analysis of your product browsed by the others.

IFTTT-(If this than that) is a tool for you to automate some tasks, it let you to create ‘recipe,’ recipe contains the source and the destination.  When a trigger happens an action configured kicks off.

Social media can sometime costly, but your time is more precious, picking the right social media tool can help you do better in either way with smoother management. Have you picked yours yet?




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